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Born in 2012 Lean Enterprise Machine is helping companies worldwide unleash their innovation potential. We believe that it’s possible to create an Organization that innovates successfully, predictably and repeatedly not by chance, but by design.

Lean Enterprise. Strategic Consulting


Open Innovation Program

Leveraging the lean Startup worldwide network and the proven Lean Enterprise Innovation Models to kickstart Open innovation Programs in your Enterprise


Corporate Intrapreneurship

The experience of the international Lean network to trigger new ideas and explore disruptive concepts, unleashing the creative potential of your employees.


Lean Laboratory

Design, Implement and Manage an Internal Lean LAB Academy so that your employees will always have access to the latest practices proven to enable new product success.


Executive Advising

Executive innovation coaching programs to support from innovation leaders who have successfully implemented high impact innovation programs at scale.

Lean Enterprise. Culture & Training


90 day Accelerator program

milestone-driven innovation training program that involves multidiscipline teams across your organization supported by weekly coaching sessions.


Intensive 3 Day workshop

to dive into the Lean Enterprise methodologies and acquire the necessary competences and skillset to effectively guide innovation.


1 or 2 Day modules

to explore innovation concepts, help participants unite through hands on teamwork while having fun on a day Out of The Office.


The Lean Enterprise Methodology

The Lean Enterprise Methodology presents a groundbreaking design for revolutionizing larger organizations, one that draws on the ingenious tenets and practices espoused by the startup community. The guidelines in the book help companies shake the lethargy, bureaucracy, and power struggles that plague large organizations and hold them back from true innovation.

At the heart of this resource is a comprehensive, practical approach based on methods, timetables, compensation, financial investment and case studies that reveal the startup mentality. Thanks to Trevor’s efforts the Lean Enterprise Methodology has become the go to resource for corporates that wish to boost successful enterprise entrepreneurial development, develop innovation labs, establish corporate venture arms or deal in the acquisition and integration of startups.

The LEM Network

Partnering with the Lean Enterprise Machine means having direct access to an international network of acclaimed thought leaders that bring their experiences to the table and help shape the strategies, models and frameworks for your specific innovation path.

Innovation delivered globally though the Hub-Spoke network of Lean Startup and Lean Enterprise workshop mentors, that daily interact to bring the latest best practices to the innovation fields in over 500 international cities.

Tools & Frameworks

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The international LEM network can source developed solutions that have been greatly experimented in prior projects and is able to supply these necessary tools and frameworks at a global scale.

– The innovation Accounting Model
– Idea Validation Software
– Yuman+ software platform
– Team Collaboration Dynamics Model Framework
– Lean Innovation Video Library
– Corporate Venture Statistics

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