The Javelin.com software platform, developed and built by the Lean Startup Machine team, is the ultimate online team collaboration tool to help entrepreneurs reach Product/Market Fit. This All-in-one Lean Startup and Customer Development software allows users to record customer interviews, build landing pages and send out surveys to multiple target customer groups thus facilitating the validation process.
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Innovation Accounting Model

Measuring the impact that innovation programs have on the corporate business as a whole is a fundamental aspect of establishing successful and enduring initiatives. The Lean Enterprise Innovation Accounting Model illustrates a way to assess the difference between a project which is in the process of generating value, vs a business which is failing at doing so. This model based on key startup value generating drivers is thus the basis utilized by VC investors to track their portfolio performance

Idea Selection Criteria

The process of valuating and selecting sourced startup ideas, and ultimately choosing which have the potential not only to progress throughout the acceleration period but eventually becoming future business lines that significantly impact the existing business is a key driver in the potential success of internal entrepreneurship programs.
The LEM international team has thus invested a great deal in perfecting a selection process that takes into consideration three main fundamental aspects.


Yuman + is the perfect solution to enable truly innovative strategies for smart-working and smart-learning. In the Yuman+ platform virtual teams can connect and get the most while allowing a perfect work- project balance, the Yuman+ platform project methodology and guidelines can be structured with maximum flexibility, allowing individual teams to gain access to specific resources at the achievement of predetermined milestones.

Team Collaboration Dynamics Model

A complete driver-driven model to enhance team performance by speeding up the group development processes of forming–storming–norming and performing. The model was developed by collecting thousands of individual data points derived from the actual use of the Yuman+ platform in real world contexts. The model governs effective teamwork in online groups and relies on shared leadership, clear allocation of responsibilities and tasks and the micro-management of individual behavior in relation to the overall team dynamics.

Innovation Video Library

Trevor Owens and the Lean Startup team over the years have developed and recorded a number of On-Demand training videos and training insights. These videos range from the broad explanation of the Lean Enterprise methodology to explainer videos that through the use of practical examples teach the use of standard Lean startup tools such as the Javelin Board.

Corporate Venturing Statistics

Novum Insights is a global market monitor for Corporate Venture Capital investments. Tracking sectors ranging from the blockchain and cybersecurity to Fintech and Energy, they can provide bespoke reports aimed at the analysis and understanding of worldwide market conditions, helping corporates make the right investments. Their industry leading market intelligence reports are created using cutting-edge of data science and machine learning to understand the market and pick the companies poised for success.